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    Arcus health

    Arcus is a brand of high quality massage chairs. With a range of models for home use to the chair for beauty salons, hotels, shopping malls and even chairs for the business model because it has a chair that receive money, Arcus can fully meet all the demands of the market. Guarantees are 5 years on an unlimited number of hours.

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  • BataLogo


    BATA Company with 4700 stores in the world and 50,000 employees dating back to 1580.

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  • BENU

    BENU Pharmacy

    Within the store Gigatron Tech you will be able to find a complete range of home appliances major domestic and foreign brands with standard terms of payment that are available in Gigatron stores.

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  • CandyShop

    Candy shop by Ukiša

    CANDY SHOP BY UKIŠA offers over thirty different types of flavors and shapes of rubber, chocolate, M8M’s and caramel candies.

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  • Deichman-LOGO


    DEICHMANN is a family company that was founded by Heinrich Deichmann more than 90 years ago and it is now in the third generation of Europe’s largest footwear retailer in retail.

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  • Dexy Co Kids_logo

    Dexy Co.

    Everything for your kid in one place.
    Dexy Co Kids is a retail chain of company Dexy Co and It’s synonymous with a rich selection of the most popular brands in the world of toys, such as LEGO, MGA, Hasbro, Revell, Burago, Majorette, and many others.

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  • FashionandFriendsLogo

    Fashion & Friends

    FASHION&FRIENDS is the most famous regional multi-brand retail chain owned by Fashion Company.

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  • Galaxy-code-logo

    Galaxy Code

    From our range includes: bags, foil pouches, chargers, car – holders, ornaments, and other fashionable program for mobile devices.

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  • Gigatron-LOGO


    GIGATRON COMPUTER CENTAR since its establishment the place where the greatest enthusiasts can find everything you imagine.

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  • o21rl1qj


    Specialized shops for the sale of home appliances, small home appliances, televisions and AV equipment.

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  • Handy-LOGO

    Handy shop

    HANDY offers mobile operator services (Vip and MTS) and wide range of current models of mobile phones, tablets, laptop devices, GPS navigation, cameras, memory and a large selection of the supporting equipment.

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  • Koton-LOGO


    KOTON, International fashion brand for young people was established in 1988 with a single store.

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  • levis


    LEVI STRAUSS & CO is a well-known American company that is primarily engaged in the production of jeans.

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  • menda2


    MENDA children store is the domestic retail chain of equipment and fashion for children, which was launched 2006th.

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  • mts

    MTS Telekom Srbija

    TELEKOM SRBIJA, leading telecommunications company in the region, is the only company in Serbia with integrated offer in all areas of information and communication technology: landline and mobile telephony, internet, television and other multimedia content. The entire portfolio of services are available at the Forum Shopping Centre. Select the desired mt: s postpaid package available […]

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  • NewYorker-LOGO

    New Yorker

    NEWYORKER offers you the latest trends from the catwalks for both men and women.

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  • nike-logo


    Nike is the world’s biggest sport footwear, apparel and equipment manufacturer and retailer.

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  • Orsay-LOGO


    ORSAY is a fashion brand with trendy fashion which appeals to girls and women aged 15 to 35 years.

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    Market leader in the manufacture of clothing, Italian OVS is now a reference point for fashion retailers.

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  • pandora-logo


    PANDORA is a world famous brand of high quality, hand-made jewelry with affordable prices.

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  • SilverShop-LOGO

    Silver Shop

    If you’re looking for a unique piece of high quality jewelry made of silver, we are here for you!

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  • SportVision-LOGO


    SPORTVISION company is a leader in sports retail markets of the Balkans.

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  • SportVisionKIDS-LOGO

    Sportvision Kids

    SPORT VISION KIDS is the first sport multi-brand shop in Serbia just for kids.

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  • Springfield-LOGO


    SPRINGFIELD largest store in Serbia is located in the Forum shopping center and first obtained Springfield Woman.

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  • TommyHilfiger-logo

    Tommy Hilfiger

    For 30 years of its existence on the fashion scene, Tommy Hilfiger introduced the classic American casual style in a new modern way. Fresh approach to eternal classic pieces he paved the way for markets around the world and to the heights of the fashion Olympic. His career started in high school in 1969 when he opened […]

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  • TomTailor-LOGO


    TOM TAILOR brand inspires us in a natural, everyday manner.

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  • Vulkan-Logo


    In Vulkan Bookstores – you can find a rich gift program, as well as paper accessories, a wide selection of office supplies, music., etc.
    Vulkan Bookstores will try to help you to live a richer and happier life through entertainment, education and inspiration!

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  • winwinlogo

    WinWin Shop

    WinWin Shop is the biggest retail sales chain of computers and consumer electronics in Serbia. Along with the best shopping terms and great prices, we offer a wide product choice which includes: laptop computers, desktop computers (for home, business users and enthusiasts), peripheral equipment, television sets, digital cameras, networking equipment, major and small home appliances, tools, gardening tools and equipment, sports equipment and much more. WinWin Shop staff is always available to help and give professional advice for buying the most convenient product having in mind the customer’s needs, in stores, over company web site or social networks, because customer satisfaction is our top priority! WinWin Shop has over 100 retail stores in Serbia, including the one on the second floor of the Forum Shopping Centre.

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  • WomanSecret-LOGO

    Women’s Secret

    ‘WOMEN’ SECRET ” store is located on the ground floor of our shopping center.

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    Xplorer is a brand of sports products: bicycles for adults and kids, bike accessories, fitness machines and equipment for home and commercial use, and electronic gadgets.

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