Vulkan is a chain of Bookstores founded in June 2010 under the slogan “Eruption of Ideas”. Launched by two respectable publishers from Belgrade “Mono i Manjana” and “Alnari” , now incorporate in one company, presented as “Vulkan Publishing”.

Chain of Vulkan Bookstores holds seventeen bookstores in Serbia. Eight of them are in Belgrade and they are located in Ušće Shopping Center, Delta City, TC Merkator, corner of Sremska and Knez Mihailova, RK Zvezda Zemun, Belgrade Arena Shopping Center, Bulevar Vulkan City Store.The other nine are located across the Niš, Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Šabac, and Pančevo.

The basis of our offer are books of local publishers. We had the idea that readers in one place can find offer of a quality selection. You can choose fiction, literature, popular science, art, encyclopedic editions, children’s books, science fiction and epic, anything you want to read depending on your affinities.

What makes Vulkan different from the others is a great selection of books in foreign languages ​​in the field of architecture, design, art, graphic design. It allows you to find a large number of world hits that have not yet been translated into Serbian.

In Vulkan Bookstores – you can find a rich gift program, as well as paper accessories, a wide selection of office supplies, music., etc.

Vulkan Bookstores will try to help you to live a richer and happier life through entertainment, education and inspiration!