TOM TAILOR is the brand of men’s and women’s fashion clothing. It targets population that is not popular fashion brand addicts, but like to buy clothes in which they feel comfortable and relaxed. Tom Tailor in Forum shopping center is represented by the following collections:
Tom Tailor Sportswear was designed for young, sportsman, who enjoy life and free time. Tom Tailor Sportswear men wear casual style.
Tom Tailor Man choose men who are looking for quality and comfort. These men are traditional, have successful careers and stable family life. They are not fashion addicts, but admit that they are interested in fashion.
Woman Tom Tailor is a collection perfect for young, cosmopolitan and independent women. For those who love fashion, but also like casual and relaxed style.
Tom Tailor Accesories is a collection that includes underwear, bags, belts and shoes.

Terms of payment:

- Checks in 3 monthly installments
- Credit Card Commercial Bank and Banca Intesa in 3 monthly installments without interest
- Diners card in 6 monthly installments.