Fashion brand with trendy fashion for girls and women from 15 to 35 years old. Orsay offers models that are trendy, daring and very fashionable clothes for every day, and clothes for sport and free time. It also offers elegant clothes and evening dresses, between sizes 32 to 44.
The slogan THE FEMININE STYLE stands for collections that target youthful, modern look that opens up the possibility of every girl and woman to express her personality, and at the same time it always gives stamp of elegance, style and femininity. Affordable prices with good quality.

Terms of payment:

- Checks on six installments
- Societe Generale Bank Serbia – credit cards to 6 instalments
- Diners cards: over 5,900 dinars in 2 installments, and over 8,900 dinars in 3 installments.